Christian College

Distinctively Disciples of Christ Education...the voices you want to hear, the teachers from whom you desire to explore your identity in Disciples ministry...the curriculum which respects the reality that very few opportunities exist for us to not only listen to the wisdom of our tradition but to delve into the questions which emerge in honest dialogue of Faith and Reason. This is what the Disciples Divinity Center offers. If you are a Seminarian, it will enrich your experience on the campus you have chosen -- especially if you are already in the denominational minority. If you are a candidate for standing through some avenue other than ordination -- transfer of standing, commissioning, etc. -- you will find in the Disciples Divinity Center a commitment to provide the BEST of teaching, scholarship, leadership, and passion for Disciples of Christ which will affirm your calling and challenge your thinking. Precisely what we as Disciples love !!!

Of key importance is the ability of Disciples of Christ who are attending Seminary in the Greater Atlanta Metropolitan Area to get to know one another, to build a community of sharing and support, and to learn what is required as you proceed through your graduate education in order to gain STANDING as a Commissioned or Ordained Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Divinity Center will help you make these connections, build these relationships, and gather this information.

The Reverence Dr. Darryl Trimiew (585-415-2249) serves as the Overseeing Minister and Director of the Divinity Center in Atlanta. Dr. Trimiew is a Scholar, Writer, and Christian Ethicist who has a passion for Theological Education. Darryl has experience on faculties of seminaries, universities and colleges in various locations in the US. He is eager to locate and make personal contact with Disciples of Christ Seminarians at Candler, Columbia, McAfee (Mercer) and the Interdenominational Theological Center. If you are a Seminarian at another institution in Atlanta and your affiliation is with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) you are encouraged to contact Dr. Trimiew. Darryl isl also the liason and the "bridge builder" for students seeking the care and nurture of the Commission on Ministry of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Georgia.  The Reverend Dr. Darryl M. Trimiew is your primary contact for information and assistance as a Disciples Seminarian in the Greater Atlanta Metropolitan Area. If you desire STANDING in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Georgia, you are urged to contact Darryl as early as possible in your seminary education. Dr. Trimiew can be reached by phone at (585) 415-2249. He can be contacted by email at