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Disciples on Campus

Disciples on Campus is entering its fourth year of ministry in Statesboro - Under the ministerial leadership of the Reverend Lainie Jenkins of First Christian Church, Guyton, a campus ministry at Georgia Southern University was established  in August, 2014. We are happy to report that this has been a most successful ministry startup, and we look forward to a bright future for students, faculty and staff to join together as Disciples on Campus in and around Georgia Southern University.  

Disciples on Campus in ATHENS is entering the twenty-first year of ministry.   After a time of serving on the campus of First Christian Church of Athens, the campus ministry relocated to the ecumenical center owned and operated by the Presbyterian Church (USA).  Visit the Univeristy of Georgia Disciples on Campus at

The Christian College of Georgia offers opportunities for friendship and faith-development in a community of undergraduate and graduate students, and includes those who are interested from among faculty and staff. A priority of this Campus Ministry at the University of Georgia is exploration of ways in which we can blend faith and reason while nurturing our Christian vocations and advancing the Church’s ministry on campus and beyond the campus.

“Disciples on Campus” is a ministry which encourages faithfulness and open-mindedness. If you, as a student, think you are different, or if you enjoy sharing questions and diverse opinions about matters of faith and religion – or about science or politics or economics or relationships or anything else, for that matter – you may find the “Disciples on Campus” works for you.

While participating in the campus ministry programs keeps us together and nurtures our growth, Disciples on Campus encourages participants to get involved in a local congregation of their choice. We meet weekly as a group, for fellowship meals, service to others, worship, and Bible Study. We also have opportunities for interaction through friendships on campus, leadership opportunities, group retreats, and personal consultation with the Campus Minister or other mentors. Disciples on Campus also participates in several ecumenical activities with other campus ministry groups.


Disciples on Campus offers opportunities to develop
Disciplines of the Spiritual Life, to practice
Discernment of our Vocation as Christians, and to enhance the
Development of our Gifts for Ministry.

At the University of Georgia, and serving students from across Northeast Georgia, “Disciples on Campus” has as its student center on the Presbyterian Student Center, an ecumenical center right across from the practice field next to the track on Lumpkin Street. Easy access, plenty of parking.

We offer to all students a comprehensive educational and career assessment and personal consultation.  In this assessment, we help the student reach a more informed understanding of his or her PERSONALITY, SKILLS, INTERESTS, AND VALUES.
We appreciate the opportunity to share some of our experience and gifts with members of the UGA, the Univerisity of North Georgia, Athens Technical College and Piedmont College campus communities. For additional information about Disciples on Campus, please contact the Rev. Dr. Diane Bales. You will find their contact information on the official Disciples on Campus website: . You may also contact Dr. Bob Harris, President of Christian College of Georgia and Campus Minister at 770-815-9078