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Some students, faculty and staff may consider themselves different from other people seeking a God, spirituality, religious affiliation, fath, etc. due to complications from addiction.  Know that this is not uncommon  And know that you are NOT ALONE.  Know that your contact of Dr. Harris will be held in confidence until such time if or when you choose to be a member of our campus-based activities.  We always respect the privacy and even the anonymity of our participants.


Bob Harris, Campus Minister to the Addicted and to those in Recovery

Disciples on Campus, OR Campus Ministry for Students

The Christian College of Georgia sponsored a campus ministry under several different names since 1948.  The most recent name of the campus ministry is "Disciples on Campus".  This campus ministry has been moved to the auspices of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Georgia, effective January 1, 2020. This will wne a term of 72 years during which the college provided fellowship, housing, meals, retreats, religious education, and discipleship to young adults, many from congregations in the Region, many from other Regions, and many not previously or actively affiliated with Disciples of Christ. 

The primary focus of the College Campus Ministry at the University of Georgia is now that of recovery.  The network of recovery from addictions (alcohol, narcotics, other drugs, food, sex, gambling,  to name a few) is extensive, wide, dynamic and ever-changing.  This will continue to be a ministry operated from the Christian College of Georgia, while the more traditional campus ministry will be under the name of "Disciples on Campus"

The original Disciples Campus Ministry was located in and around 220 South Hull Street, Athens, GA 

In 1995, the ministry moved to the campus of First Christian Church of Athens; in 2001,  the campus ministry relocated to the ecumenical center owned and operated by the Presbyterian Church (USA). Disciples on Campus has now returned to "The Grubb House" on the campus of FirstChristian Church (Disciples of Christ) of Athens, GA.   Visit the Univeristy of Georgia Disciples on Campus at  for updated information.

The Christian College of Georgia offers opportunities for friendship and faith-development in a community of undergraduate and graduate students, and includes those who are interested from among faculty and staff. A priority of this Campus Ministry at the University of Georgia is exploration of ways in which we can blend faith and reason while nurturing our Christian vocations and advancing the Church’s ministry on campus and beyond the campus.

“Disciples on Campus” is a ministry which encourages faithfulness and open-mindedness. If you, as a student,enjoy sharing questions and diverse opinions about matters of faith and religion – or about science or politics or economics or relationships or anything else, for that matter – you may find the the Christian College of Georgia to be helpful. You are encouraged to come with your enthusiasm for ministry as a follower, a companion, a partner in ministry, service and discovery. Let us assist you in finding a campus ministry which will align best with your needs and desires for faith and religious formation. 

MOST IMPORTANTLY, if you believe that a substance is interfering with you life, with your studies, with your relationship and you think you may be addicted or growing into addiction of any kind, please contact Dr. Bob Harris for conversation with COMPLETE CONFIDENTIALITY.  Likewise, you may wish to access the recovery community on campus or in and around Athens (Alcoholics Anonymous is a good place to begin, regardless of your particular issue).  If you wish to contact Dr. Harris without giving your name or any information, you may do so without prejudice. The same applies if you need to make such a call for a friend or loved one. 

While participating in the campus ministry programs keeps us together and nurtures our growth, We encourage participants to get involved in a local congregation of their choice. 

In Summary, our campus ministry at Christian College of Georgia offers opportunities to develop
Disciplines of the Spiritual Life, to practice
Discernment of our Vocation as Christians, and to enhance the
Development of our Gifts for Ministry.


We appreciate the opportunity to share some of our experience and gifts with members of the UGA, the Univerisity of North Georgia, Athens Technical College and Piedmont College campus communities. For additional information, please contact the Rev. Dr. Bob Harris  President of Christian College of Georgia and Campus Minister at 770-815-9078.