Welcome!  Since 1947, people have come to find that the Christian College is a community of disciples who teach and learn in order to seek and serve.  Since our doors first opened, we have welcomed anyone to the opportunities to discover God’s will and to develop the skills to do it.  While our "name" is that our founders designated, we ceased functioning as a college and campus in 1995.  We now serve the Church as an extension of ministry, helping members discover ways in which to prepare themselves for effective ministry as laity and to advance themselves into formal preparation for Commissioned, Licensed or Ordained Ministry.  





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PRIMARY CONTACT FOR YOUR QUESTIONS TODAY: Dr. Bob Harris, President.  1-770-815-9078 (EST), and DrRobertLHarris@gmail.com 

We are grateful that you have chosen to visit our website !!  We offer a remarkable ministry in North America today; but we also serve with partners on SIX Continents. Interested?  You are in the right place.   We WELCOME YOU to join us for an exciting time of learning and serving for God's glory.


Since 1947, people arriving at Christian College have discovered a community of Disciples of Jesus Christ who teach and learn in order to seek and serve. The reverse has also been true: Disciples who "seek and serve and, through life-transforming experience find that they are learning, discovering God's will and purpose in their own lives, and then moving from the College doorsteps into the world to teach and share with others."

We are devoted to learning together, as members of the Body of Christ, in order that we may be more effective in seeking God and serving others. Through a ministerial partner -- an online platform -- we encourage participation in a course of instruction entitled "The History and Polity of the Christian Church" which elaborates on the guiding beliefs or ideals that characterize the Disciples of Christ in the US and Canada.

Professional Development for Ordained and Commissioned Ministers is a primary dimension of the courses, seminars, and events of the Christian College. We are connected with each other in a common ministry, and our experience of community with each other is enhanced by a common focus.  We emphasize that we are a "COLLEGE" in the sense of being a ministry of "COLLEAGUES" serving together in a "COLLEGIAL" manner and spirit.  

Preparation for Ministry for those who are called to serve through the Ordained or Commissioned Ministry is accomplished through the development of specified skills and competencies for Ministry in the Christian Church. Christian College offers personalized guidance in the creation of the "Ministerial Preparation Portfolio" while contributing to the development of competencies through the many resources available throughout the country, including those courses available through other Institutions or Judicatories of the Church.  We offer our courses, rich in content and easily accessed -- and mostly at no cost to participate -- via Biblical Training, Third Millennium Ministries, and Transforming the Church.  You will find the links on the tabs "Institute for Ministry" and "Resources" .  We also partner with ministries around the world to enable pastors to develop and document their competency for Christian Ministy.  

We are fully committed to obedience to the Great Commission to "Make Disciples of all nations..." and we hope that we can serve students, leaders, pastors, missionaries, and laypeople of all occupations -- those who are daily involved in the creative work which models that of our Creator -- in the ministry of Making Disciples of Jesus Christ.