Christian College

Christian College of Georgia Leadership

Board of Trustees

Toni Kemp, M.Div., Ed.D. -  Past-Chairperson– Atlanta, Georgia

Sharon Cline - Lawrenceville, Georgia

James Shelton, M.Div., Chairperson – Lawrenceville, Georgia, CHAIR

Jerry Gladson, Ph.D. - Marietta, Georgia

Charles Marshall, M.Div., D.D. - Atlanta, Georgia

Jocelyn Harris - Athens, Georgia, COO, ex officio

Carol Hanson - Snellville, Georgia, VICE-CHAIR

Robert Harris, Ph. D., CNC - President, Christian College of Georgia - Athens, Georgia

As President, it is my privilege to serve the governing board (Trustees) who are Disciples of Christ leaders from Georgia, the Region where there College was Incorporated in 1947 by the Secretary of State. Those names as Honorary Doctors were recognized with the Doctor of Divinity Degree for their outstanding service to the College and the Church and Community over a period of six decades.  

Please contact me, Bob Harris (President) if you have questions or desire more information:  770-815-9078  (EST or New York Time)  or 

Honorary Doctors

  • Ray Austin, D.D. - Athens, Georgia
  • Joseph Bennett, D.D. - Deceased
  • Hoyt Huff, D.D. - Grayson, Georgia
  • James Sosebee, D.D. - Deceased
  • Morris Wood, D.D. - Gray, Georgia