Christian College


The Vision of The Disciples College

Founded in 1947, Christian College of Georgia has served students in Athens, Georgia, teaching competencies for ministry,  offering a variety of campus ministry programs, and providing enrichment and educational events for clergy serving congregations in Georgia since the closing of the Athens Campus in 1995. We serve disciples of Jesus Christ through non-formal educational programs and through partnership with formalized Biblical education platforms, mostly available at no cost to the student or student groups.

The Mission of The Disciples College

We established and published the following mission statement:

To nurture, educate and prepare Disciples of Jesus Christ for ministry & service.

With an historic relationship with the Christian Church in Georgia the the Georgia Christian and Missionary Society, the College is governed by a Board of Trustees comprised of members representing Disciples of Christ congregations in Georgia.  Other volunteers serve in various capacities of leadership, and members of other denominations are never excluded from participation in the advancement of the mission which we share as disciples of Jesus Christ.  (See the "Leadership" Tab for more information).

The College was Chartered in Atlanta in 1947, and is registered with the Secretary of State of Georgia. Christian College is authorized by the State of Georgia to grant diplomas, certificates and degrees in religion, religious studies, and in disciplines related to Christian Ministry. The College ceased offering higher education instruction in 1995, and since that time has engaged in adult education programming only. Certificates are  provided for those desiring documentation of continuing education, although these certificates are not guaranteed to fulfill any professional continuing education requirements. 

Funding of the College program is from gifts from congregations and individuals, and from an Endowment. The Endowment was created and is sustained by gifts from a number of benefactors; some of funds held in trust are from the sale of the Athens campus from 1989 to 1997.  It is our desire to provide educational opportunities at the lowest possible cost to students in order that many may join in to learn and serve.

The General Fund:

The General Fund is our financial pool of resources. From our general fund, all operating expenses, administrative communication - such as newsletters and other mailings, and the operation of the Athens office are provided. The money for the General Fund is derived from several sources, most of which are specific donations or donations which are not targeted to a specific mission project. Interest on unrestricted endowment (permanent) funds may also be used for General Fund expenditures. It is the policy of the Board to keep "endowment funds" (also called “named funds” from generous donors/donations over the past 70 years)in perpetuity. Interest earned on endowment funds may be applied to any other mission or operational funds of the College so long as such use is consistent with the intentions of the donors to that endowment fund. Donors may add their contributions to any of our 30 named funds at any time. 

Donors who have an interest in endowment funds or estate planning, please contact the president: Bob Harris at  770-815-9078  or via email    

The fiduciary responsibility for the General Fund lies with the president and the Board of Trustees.