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Who We Are

The Vision of The Disciples College

Founded in 1947, Christian College of Georgia has served students in Athens, Georgia , in a variety of campus ministry programs and has provided courses of instruction and educational events for clergy serving congregations in Georgia for sixty-six years. The vision of the Christian College of Georgia -- now known as "The Disciples College" -- is:

Vitality in Christian Spirituality, Community, and Ministry in Congregations.

Evidence of this vitality will be increased involvement of college students in church and campus ministry activities and leadership responsibilities, growing numbers of persons who choose to enter ministry as a vocation or an avocation, and greater effectiveness and sense of stability and satisfaction of clergy already serving in ministry.

To accomplish this mission in the twenty-first century, The Disciples College implements and directs several  key programs for the benefit of students, ministers, and congregations:

  • Disciples on Campus
  • Clergy and Seminarian Nurture 
  • The Atlanta United Divinity Center  
  • The Institute for Christian Ministry
  • Missions Partnerships (see Mission for Biblical Literacy Tab)
  • Career and Vocational Guidance and Consultation
  • Consultation with Church Leaders for Congregations and Judicatories

The Mission of The Disciples College

To fulfill this bold vision, Christian College of Georgia has established the following mission statement:

To nurture, educate and prepare Disciples of Christ for ministry & service.

The College is governed by a Board of Trustees, which is comprised of members representing Disciples of Christ congregations in Georgia.  Other volunteers serve in various capacities of leadership, and members of other denominations are never excluded from participation in the advancement of the mission which we share as disciples of Jesus Christ.  See the "Leadership" Tab for more information.

The College was Chartered in Atlanta in 1947, and is registered with the Secretary of State of Georgia. Christian College is authorized by the State of Georgia to grant diplomas, certificates and degrees in religion, religious studies, and in disciplines related to Christian Ministry. Certificates are also provided for those requiring Continuing Education Units.

Funding of the College program is from gifts from congregations and individuals, and from an Endowment. The Endowment was created and is sustained by gifts from a number of benefactors; the majority of funds held in trust are from the sale of the Athens campus from 1989 to 1997. The offices, classrooms and library – the CAMPUS—of Christian College are located at 285 Tallassee Road in Athens, Georgia, on the forty-acre campus of Friendship Christian Church.




Education of the Whole Person at The Disciples College begins with an assessment of educational or occupational readiness based on God's design of each unique individual. When you are ready to begin your assessment and to discover the uniqueness with which you have been endowed by your Creator, contact Dr. Bob Harris. Bob is a Certified "Career Direct" Consultant, and he will enroll you in the assessment process and set up your personal consultation.   or 770-815-9078. For further information on this program, whether your interest is in education through The Disciples College or for another purpose or institution, see   and then contact Bob Harris.