Since 1947, people have come to find that the Christian College...the Disciples College is a community of seekers and followers of Jesus who learn and serve out of love for God and for others. 

Since our doors first opened, we have welcomed anyone to the opportunities to discover God's will and to develop the skills to do it.

We offered educational programs on a college campus in Athens, Georgia, until 1995. We then moved online, early in the history of the Internet, and we now serve the Church by helping seekers, followers and leaders discover ways in which to prepare themselves for effective ministry. 

We believe that ALL are created by God to serve others, and ALL are called by God to engage in some measure of ministry. 

We are interdenominational in scope. While our foundation is in evangelism within a Reformed context, we do not shy away from presenting the Truth through the lens of Scripture as taught in any Christian tradition. (picture of young man with book on the couch labeled Christian College.


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Dr. Bob Harris, President. 1-770-815-9078 (EST)

Email address: DrRobertLHarris@gmail.com

While most of the courses and lessons you will discover on this website are FREE, you may also request to contract with Dr. Harris for Direction and Mentoring. You are also free to have a mentor of your choice.

We are grateful that you have chosen to visit Christian College...the Disciples College !! We offer a remarkable ministry in North America today; but we also serve with partners on SIX Continents. Interested? You are in the right place.

We WELCOME YOU to join us for an exciting time of learning and serving for God's glory.

We partner with ministries around the world to enable pastors and other ministers to develop and document their competency for Christian Ministry.

We are fully committed to obedience to the Great Commission to "Make Disciples of all nations..." and we hope that we can serve students, leaders, pastors, missionaries, and laypeople of all occupations -- those who are daily involved in the creative work which models that of our Creator -- in the ministry of Making Disciples of Jesus Christ.